What Are The Best Nazi Memorabilia You Can Buy Today?

World War II was a very important part of world history. When diving deeper into the events that took place, you will be able to understand the significance of being able to defeat Nazi Germany. It has been featured in many books, movies, TV shows, and even music.

With the amount of attention that World War II usually gets from historians, it’s not uncommon to encounter many people that flock to Nazi memorabilia store. Whether it’s to have a piece of history or simply being interested in collecting memorabilia in general, it’s important to know the best that you can buy today.

  1. Eva Braun’s Personally Owned Medium Silver Spoon

Becoming rarer and rarer these days are things personally owned by Eva Braun. This one, in particular, was taken by a U.S. Soldier from a service set at the Berghof.

  1. Adolf Hitler’s Personal Silver Pickle Fork

Another personally owned item, this time by Adolf Hitler, is this fork that was recovered from the Berghof by a U.S. Veteran. Often times, you see silverware in poor condition, so a lot of people rush in for a purchase when they see one in fantastic condition.

  1. World War II German Flag With Autographs From Normandy Unit

Included with this German flag is the sign of the men that were a part of the Normandy unit. You will be able to take a look at several patches, papers, and even maps.

  1. Adolf Hitler Spoon From The Fuhrerbau In Munich

Truly a rare find, this certified item from the Nazi memorabilia store was taken home by a U.S. Veteran. It was a part of Dr. Mark Griffith’s books on World War II.

  1. World War II Bronze German War Merit Cross

The award itself comes with a piece of the original ribbed rayon ribbon. It is one of the rarest things that you can find from the pre-1945 collection that has been verified.

  1. World War II German Army Wehrmacht Cold Weather Sheepskin Hat

If you are fascinated by the equipment worn by soldiers of Nazi Germany, this hat will be a great addition to your collection.

  1. Third Reich Weddings

A collection of photos of weddings that took place during the Third Reich, this set features German military personnel with their wives. Photos from this time, especially of weddings, are very scarce.

  1. Adolf Hitler/Eva Braun’s Personal Table Cloth

This table runner that was brought home from the Berghof by a U.S. Soldier features heavy cotton material. It is in tremendous condition and can be matched to other personally owned items from the Berghof.

  1. World War II German Wehrmacht Combat Belt Buckle

This belt was used by a member of the Nazi German army and was brought home by a U.S. Veteran. It features a pattern from 1940 with a field-grey painted and stamped steel construction.

  1. World War II German 1939 Wound Badge

Awarded to those who were wounded in combat, this item is certified by the Gettysburg Museum of History. It is similar to the Purple Heart awarded in the U.S.

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